Tono Duratny

bass guitar / double bass

From Žilina, Slovakia, came to music early in life, studying cello at the age of 6, before moving on to other stringed instruments. He has played with many of Slovakia’s leading jazz & rock outfits (Bratislava Conservatory Big Band, Andrej Šeban, KrokoBand, Dary mora, Jozef-Dodo Šošoka, Matúš Jakabcic, Bohumil Trnečka, and others. ), as well as on the streets of Bratislava. He and Stan first played together at a jam session in a Bratislava blues festival, and when he started to play more in Prague, originally with Paul Kempson, Stan invited him to join the BBB, where he plays (usually 5-string) bass guitar. Tono is also half of the BB duo, where he plays double bass and/or bass guitar with Stan.

Kamil Nemec

drums / percussion

From Prague, CZ, is a graduate of Prague Conservatory, where he studied under Professor Veselý. His musical interests & experience are wide and varied including playing in theater orchestras for musicals (inc. Les Miserables, Miss Saigon) and various bands including Durian, Jade, Prague Swing Orchestra, Bloody Mary, the Doors revival,and Spyder.He is also a specialist in marimba and teaches drums and percussion (at the Charlotte Masarykova Basic Arts School in Prague 6, Veleslavinská 36)
Kamil first played with Stan at the original Monday night open blues jams at U Maleho Glena (see „concerts“) and was soon invited to join the band.


Bohemian Blues Guests:

Betty S.


Originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, grew up in London, surrounded by music, initially from her mother, a singer of gospel and church music, and from her brother, Freddy, a musical all-rounder. An extremely versatile singer, with soul, dance, gospel, rock, jazz & blues experience, she has sung all over Europe, form Tottenham to Tbilisi... with such artists as Supermax, Kurt Osthban, Mike Ottis, Sofa Surfers, Pete Waterman, Tania Evans (from Culture Beat), Osibisa, Gloria Gaynor and Paul Lamb.

Betty and Stan first played together in various bands in London in the early 1990’s and soon, branched out to form „Always Blue 2“ – a duo with the simplest possible instrumentation, two voices and a guitar, sometimes augmented by bass and drums.

Although Betty and Stan both moved to different parts of Central Europe in the late 90’s, (she to Vienna, he, of course, to Prague) they play together when schedules permit with short tours / festivals in CZ & Poland (inc. Blues Alive 2003, Blues v Lese 2002, Blues Brothers Day 2004), Czech TV appearances, inc. the often repeated „Blues from Stará Pekárna” and Miroslav Donutil’s popular chat-show “Na Kus Reci“. Betty‘s recordings with Stan include guest appearances on "Liquor, Love & Lies” (1998)* and, sharing lead vocals,the "Blues From Stara Pekarna" (2002) collection and “Life Goes On” (2003)*.

Robert Vasicek


From Prague originally, now a long-term U.S. resident, based in L.A., has played since childhood and has worked with artists ranging from Stevie Nicks to Andy Williams. He now limits himself to studio work with occasional gigs, some of which happen during his frequent returns to Prague, when he sits in on the U Maleho Glena Mondays and other selected gigs. His musical and studio experience can be heard on the "...sound like you’re having a good time“ & "Life goes on“ albums.*
* see Discography for details